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Any ticket sold, then we go to Houston Eyes Wide Shut to record and meet new people, preferably those also interested in the content creation business. Once 20 tickets are sold in a month, I will go everyday till the end of the month. You guys can chip in with friends if you want. We love going to the gloryhole, so you can meet us there. That means if all 20 tickets sell on the 1st of the month, I'll be there every day of the month. So buy the tickets early.

PORNHUB MODEL PROGRAM - You are encouraged to record and upload your videos as much as you like, we will provide you with our IDs as well so you can earn money!

All regular signups are allowed to participate in the activities at HEWS, they must be protected and safe at all times. We are working on live streaming as well, so chaturbate could become a requirement as well.

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Once we meet others who wish to get more involved in the activities, we will leave for a more intimate location. You must purchase a ticket for the locations address. Squirting, DP, cum in mouth/pussy, and any other pleasures our members may have. Also you would need to sign up with xvideos and xhamster, working on streaming as well for private rooms.

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Fling members who watch us live are our main interest, all others, just be glad we come out to have fun, and enjoy the good time!

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